The new decade is rapidly approaching! With the turn of each year, and especially each decade, new trends in interior design and architecture come to light. In this blog post, we’re highlighting a few trends to watch out for in the coming year, as well as looking back on some notable trends from the 2010’s.


Environmentally-Friendly Upgrades

For new custom homes being built, as well as older homes being renovated, we’ve already seen an uptick in environmentally-friendly home design. We absolutely expect this trend to continue into the 2020’s. From an architectural standpoint, an emphasis on natural light, energy efficient windows and solar panel installation remain a trend. With interior design, this trend manifests as a greater use of recycled materials as well as plants inside the home.

Integrated Living Spaces

We saw open floor plans spike in popularity in the 2010s. This continues to be popular, though with some slight renovations. While combining the kitchen and living room areas allows for greater socializing, we’re seeing more people want to carve intimate spaces for themselves. This includes reading nooks or sitting rooms.


Updated Offices

Flexible working schedules, freelancing and working from home are on the rise. With this directional change in how the workforce is organized, more and more people need great office spaces in their homes where they can feel productive and focused. Updated offices could include custom cabinetry, built in shelving, natural light, and sound proofing.



The Danish concept of Hygge has swept the nation, and refers to the practice of creating cozy and intimate spaces for yourselves and for gatherings. Hygge-based interior design and architecture includes intimate spaces to gather, fireplaces, natural lighting and low lighting.


Natural Elements

2020 will bring a twist to neutrals with a greater emphasis on wood, metal, stone and other natural elements being incorporated into architecture and interior design. This comes in the form of wooden beams, metal accents, concrete flooring and stonework.

Hobby/Self-Care Spaces

The later part of the 2010’s has brought greater attention to the idea of self-care and making time for your interests. We’re seeing an increase in dedicated relaxation and hobby spaces in custom homes and remodels. This includes specialty bathtubs and showers, game rooms, home gyms and more.


2010s Custom Home Trends

  • Looking back on the past decade, a few main trends came to mind.
  • Gray dominated the 2010s in terms of paint, appliances and even exteriors
  • Moving away from granite to quartz
  • Large kitchens with islands, custom cabinets and larger kitchen appliances
  • Removal of the formal dining room
  • Mix & match architectural styles in custom homes
  • Laminate flooring replacing hardwood flooring

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