Are you finding yourself at a crossroads between buying or building your next home? Have you been reading other homeowners’ nightmare stories about trying to build a custom home? We’re here to set the record straight for you. This blog will debunk the most common myths surrounding building a custom home. As custom home contractors, we not only want you to be as informed as possible, but be informed with the correct information. The following details list the most common myths and professional opinions regarding these mysterious questions about building a custom home. 

Myth 1: Building a Custom Home Is More Expensive

Myth. Contrary to popular belief, you can customize more than just your choice of bathroom tile when it comes to building a new home. You can also completely customize the cost by aligning it with your budget! You don’t need to choose the most luxurious materials and extravagant architecture to build a home you love. This can be done while staying on budget with the help of our professional contractors who are more than willing to work with you to stay on track. 

Myth 2: Building A Custom Is An Exhausting Process I Will Regret 

Mixed. It is important to be both financially and mentally prepared for building a home from scratch. While our team does carry out the physical construction of your home, you have a lot of planning and decisions to make in order for us to be able to do our job right. It is also important to note that your life will be altered from its normal routines while you are awaiting your new home. Throughout the duration of construction, you and your family will be living in temporary housing. We aren’t going to avoid the facts here. Building a custom home does take more time than simply moving into an existing, new house. Despite these challenges, we are positive you will be thrilled you chose to build a custom home with Watts Construction as we make the experience as smooth as possible. 

Myth 3: I Have To Live In An Undeveloped Area to Build New 

Myth. As your custom home contractors, we will make sure we find your ideal location to build before anything else. Luckily, there are plenty of empty lots in existing neighborhoods! Additionally, we are able to knock down existing houses for sale to clear the space for your new home. 

Myth 4: My Custom Home Will Have A Better Resale Value Because It’s New

Myth. Unfortunately, the resale value of your new build depends on a lot of factors including the location, how long you have lived there, the market, as well as home features. It is more common to see a better resale value on custom homes because they are generally built with the latest technology and materials, however, this is not always the case as timing is everything. 

Myth 5: I Need To Understand Design And Architecture To Help Plan For A Custom Build

Myth. When it comes to the drawing up blueprints, it’s pretty simple. You show us pictures and explain your vision for the house and we first see it come to life on paper. Once you have approved or edited our proposed blueprints, we start breaking ground. However, you will be a part of the design and building process in every way. You don’t need a construction license to have an eye for your dream home. We seek your approval every step of the way to ensure the house will turn out just the way you dreamed it would. 

Choosing The Right Custom Home Builders

Our team of skilled contractors are great at what we do because we value transparency and honesty in all we do. Our communications skills are the pillars of our success. We understand building a custom home is a big undertaking and we want you to know exactly what to expect before you choose Watts Construction for your new home build. If you do decide to go the custom home route with Watts Construction, we promise to deliver everything you want and more. We work hard for our clients until they are more than pleased with what we have created together. From our contractors to you, we can’t wait to welcome you home! 

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