Ashland, Mo is on the maps as a quaint city with lots to offer and is also conveniently located just outside of Columbia, Mo. Located in Southern Boone County of mid-Missouri, Ashland has a population of just under 4,000 people. This cozy suburb has plenty of amenities, making it a lovely place to live and raise a family. Why buy when you can build a dream home? Create something that is entirely yours by choosing Watts Construction as your custom home builders in Ashland, Mo! 

A Brief History of Ashland, Mo 

Settled by Irish-Scotts from Kentucky in 1820, Ashland has been around for almost 200 years! Although back then it was not the suburb it is today, it still had a lot of character. Ashland was named after a famous Henry Clay estate in Lexington, Kentucky. Ashland has its roots in agriculture. In its earlier days, the city served as a farming community located on a toll road situated between Columbia and Claysville. In 1875 The Trade Center was built by William Bass, making it the largest general store in all of Missouri! The city was once home to only a few inns and restaurants, as well as an opera house and brass band. Ashland has since blossomed into the lovely city it is today. 

Make Lasting Memories In A Custom Home in Ashland, Mo

Ashland  is a growing area that still retains a homey feel. Discover and fall in love with Ashland, Mo with the help of Watts Construction. The population in Ashland is very driven by the great outdoors! Ashland is located less than 10 minutes away from Rockbridge State Park and is even closer on the map to Three Creeks State Park Wildlife Area. Hunting, horseback riding and hiking are just a few of the activities available to enjoy! Katy Trail State Park is another great option to get moving and head outside in Ashland, Mo. Additionally, the City of Ashland is also just a quick drive to the Columbia Regional Airport. As a suburb of Columbia, Ashland offers a nice escape from the city while still remaining in close proximity to major areas and attractions across mid-Missouri. 

Restaurants in Ashland, Mo 

Being so active in the outdoors must build up quite an appetite because Ashland has a great selection of delicious restaurants! If you are looking for a classic American menu serving up delicious burgers and fries, Woody’s Pub and Grill is the place to go! For tasty Mexican food, Jose Jalapeno’s serves homemade chips and queso and so much more. The Copper Kettle is the place to go for a classic, home cooked meal with a restaurant atmosphere emphasizing family and community. 

Real Estate in Ashland, Mo

Another great characteristic and benefit of living in Ashland is the lower property taxes. According to the Boone County Government, Ashland’s property taxes are almost half as costly of Columbia’s and other major surrounding cities. This makes buying land in Ashland for your custom home just that much easier. Spending less money on the property means being able to put more money towards building your dream home! 

Life in Ashland, Mo

Ashland, Mo is a great place to not only commute from, but also to raise a family. The crime rate is almost non-existent and is statistically less dangerous than several surrounding cities. Because of the smaller size of the town, it is easier to get to know people, especially neighbors! Being located in a smaller city creates a more quiet environment that allows for more privacy. Getting settled in won’t take as long here versus other places because of the smaller size. Living in a smaller town means you are in close proximity to just about everything you need for your home and family. Run out of eggs for breakfast? No problem! The grocery store is always just right down the road in Ashland along with other storefronts and restaurants. 

Academic Opportunities in Ashland, Mo

Ashland is one of the cities included in the Southern Boone County School District. This school district boasts excellent statistics as its high school graduation rates are 8 percent higher than the state average. Additionally, students of the Southern Boone County School District score higher than the state average on their Measurement of Academic Progress or M.A.P. test. It is easy to get involved at Southern Boone as they offer a wide range of extracurriculars from band, fine art clubs, and a variety of girls’ and boys’ teams including soccer, football and basketball. When it comes to receiving a higher education, Ashland is conveniently located near 7 universities and colleges: University of Missouri-Columbia, Stephens College, Columbia College, Lincoln University, William Woods University, Moberly Area Community College, and Westminster College.

Why You Should Hire Watts Construction as Your Custom Home Builder in Ashland, Mo 

Watts has an unmatched dedication to our clients. We want to build you the house of your dreams and are willing to do what it takes until you are more than satisfied with the work we complete. We offer around the clock services as we work very close with our clients, meaning you will have constant input throughout the duration of this project. Our team of contractors can’t wait to hand you the keys and welcome you home to Ashland, Mo!

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